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Please take note:

We are NOT affiliated with Apple, Inc. in any way. We just happen to like the software and would like to provide accurate information regarding the possibilites of the software as a public service. Any information provided by this website is provided as-is, is subject to change and is unofficial and not endorsed by Apple, Inc, CA.


  1. Beedoc Timeline 3D exports timeline widgets to iBook authors, see video below
  2. Tumult Hype v1.5 officially supports export to iBooks Authors now

Video courtesy of [http://www.beedocs.com/|Beedoc]:

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iBook Author General Info

Working with content

Here is a list of available fonts on iOS 5.

Supported Mediatypes by the Widgets

Baldur Bjarnson's blog has an in depth-analysis of all the widgets provided. Note that the HTML widget can display animations and also play back video and sound files, yet with no DRM. However, since it is the built-in Safari browser, it does support additional media types like panoramic movies and mp3 streams for instance (see HTML Widgets).

ClassWidgets offers custom widget development for iBook Authors.

File format

There will be more information about the individual file formats used by iBook Author, but for the time being, Daniel Glazman has a pretty good overview of the different files and the formats being used.

  • .IBA (iBook Author project files, a GZIP archive)
  • .itmsp (exported iBook file format, a ZIP archive)
  • .ibooks (the iBook file format is modified ePub3, a PKZIP archive(?))

More information about the ibook format can be found at Baldur Bjarnson's blog.

Supported exporting formats

  • iBooks
  • PDF
  • Text

List of available books

Internationally available:

Available only in the US iStore (see also this page):

Distributing your iBooks

Your resulting iBooks can be exported and submitted to the iTunes bookstore. You can also put them up on a website for free distribution.

So generally speaking, if you would like to make money of your book, you need to go through the iTunes bookstore.

If you prefer to distribute your iBook freely, you can put it up for download on a website.

ITunes Bookstore accounts are free, by the way.


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